Reviled (The Master and His Soul Seer Pet, #2) Marian Tee



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Reviled (The Master and His Soul Seer Pet, #2)  by  Marian Tee

Reviled (The Master and His Soul Seer Pet, #2) by Marian Tee
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This is a love story between an innocent girl and a jaded man, a pet and her Master, a soul seer who has yet to realize she’s meant to save the world…and a powerful vampire who has yet to understand his heart still beats.18-year-old Zari Baltimore has her first taste of heartbreak upon finding out that her Master, the powerful and gorgeous vampire Alexandru, has long been in love with someone else.Wishing for distraction, Zari tries to keep her mind off her unrequited love by playing truant at La Scala Legaturia, a training ground for strengthening bonds between Masters and pets.

But it doesnt work.She also tries to spend more time with Lord Erou, hoping it would make her Master jealous as well, but it doesnt work either.Then Zari has another vision - of her fighting for her life against a demon - and suddenly, shes got more distraction than she bargained for.

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